10 Best Thrift Stores In Kansas City For Bargains Before BBQ

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Why Thrift Shop In Kansas City, Missouri? 

Besides looking good at River Market or replacing a barbecue stained sustainable t-shirt, why would you bother hitting up thrift stores in KC?

Well, aside from the fact that Kansas City’s trash volume is up a whopping 20% since 2019, diverting even some of that 25,725 tons of annual waste has all kinds of eco benefits.

We believe hidden, once-in-a-lifetime treasures you find at thrift shops are enough on their own, but fast fashion is detrimental to the environment. 

Excessive clothing manufacturing leads to more landfill waste, water usage, harmful chemicals, and energy consumption. Not to mention, cheap garments typically mean cheap wages, flimsy materials, and unfair labor conditions.

Joining the slow fashion and furniture fight doesn’t just help put an end to these issues—it enhances your wardrobe, your home, and quality of life.

High-quality, long-lasting pieces that reflect your personality are easy on the bank account and support a good cause.

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