11 Sustainable, Slow Fashion Brands Fighting Back Against Fast Fashion

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About ABLE

Price Range: $40–$398 

What are some of the most famous slow fashion brands?

ABLE—co-founders of the Lowest Wage Challenge—is certainly on the list.

With their ethical production of goods and value on workers’ rights instead of a swelling profit margin due to cheaply made garments, this Nashville-based anti-fast fashion brand isn’t just doing it better themselves. They’re forging a path for others to follow.

You can shop for stylish tops, bottoms and everything in between, including jackets, jewelry, bags, and shoes.

For items that are always in style and never leave the site, their Signatures Collection embodies the best of slow fashion.

We have a few of these pieces, but the Bailey Classic is our fave because it is un-bailey-vably comfortable. Jokes aside, it’s easily the most comfortable denim jacket we’ve ever tried and came to our door feeling as broken in as our favorite pair of sustainable jeans.

ABLE’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


This popular non-fast fashion brand opts for natural sustainable materials as often as possible.

Their organic cotton is GOTS-certified, traceable from seed to sweater, and is produced in a zero waste factory.

ABLE’s denim, a notoriously dirty garment to produce, dye and use for scrap comes from Monty Mexico, a vendor that uses environmentally friendly options like enzymes that work as biocatalysts.

LWG-certified leather, sourced from Ethiopia, goes into ABLE’s ethical shoes and accessories. ABLE feels using a natural byproduct of the meat industry is not only sustainable but makes use of a readily discarded product. 

They’re on the hunt for an innovative partner making plant-based leather without the substitutes being petroleum or chemical based. 

Supply chain & labor practices

ABLE strives to connect with vendors, distributors and producers with high moral standing and tidy, fair business practices. 

With factories or sourcing in Brazil, Portugal, Ethiopia, Nashville and Mexico, ABLE searches for certified factories or those working toward a manufacturing certification.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

ABLE’s leather tanneries follow strict environmental protections, and one of their Ethiopian partners uses 100% recycled water in their factory.

In fact, many partners use recycled water or purify water after use (some to drinkable level!).

To reduce their carbon footprint, ABLE sources all of their denim from nearby their Mexican factory to reduce shipping and uses recycled materials for shipping.


The broadest range of sizing on the list includes XXS to XXXL.

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