13 baby room ideas to inspire your planning

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Pregnancy can feel like a nine-month rollercoaster. You may be so excited about your new addition but not in love with common symptoms like morning sickness, indigestion, frequent urination and mood swings. But there’s another one that’s a bit more fun: nesting, or that sudden urge to do so get things done and make room for your child. The nesting instinct is why you find yourself using every 3 a.m. bathroom break to scroll for one more baby room idea on Pinterest, Instagram, or TikTok.

Even if you are initially preparing to share a room with your baby, it is not a waste of time to brainstorm ideas for baby room decorations. Because a children’s room is more than a sleeping space. It can be a place – an entire room or just a corner – to retreat for a quiet feeding or tummy time. It’s where you and your baby will create early memories as you get to know each other. And the right nursery ideas for your nursery can make that space extra special.

As helpful as social media can be, they can also be overwhelming. There are plenty of nursery ideas and nursery ideas out there, and it can be hard to narrow down your favorites, especially with everything else you’re doing preparing for your little one. Allow us to streamline it for you with these 13 baby room decorating ideas. From an accent wall and furniture inspiration to smaller details that can bring warmth to your baby’s future space, you’re sure to find a nursery idea that will inspire you. (Bonus: These photos will tickle your fancy, whether you’re looking for ideas for a boy’s or baby girl’s nursery.)

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