15 Gadgets from Target You’ll Use All the Time

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Apple Watch Series 8 GPS Aluminum Case with Sport Band ($360, originally $430)

Ready to upgrade your current smartwatch or invest in it for the first time? The Apple Watch Series 8 is the way to go if you want a newer model that combines the device’s step and exercise tracking features with even more advanced health tracking, including a sensor that monitors your temperature while you sleep. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, it might be worth considering the Apple Watch Ultra ($800), which one of our editors reviewed extensively to help pinpoint the key differences.

Editor’s Quote: Time for the hard truth: Most people probably don’t need the Apple Watch Ultra. They’ll be fine with all the (admittedly incredible) tools that come with the Apple Watch Series 8 and the latest WatchOS. It’s true that the Ultra’s souped-up GPS system promises more accurate location data and tracking in dense urban environments and in the backcountry – so if you’re an avid NYC runner, say, who hates imprecise running tracking, there’s an argument for the Ultra there But for the vast majority of people who want a smartwatch that they can wear while exercising, working, sleeping, and going about their daily lives, I dare say the regular Apple Watch Series 8 will be just fine.—Lauren Mazzo, editor-in-chief, Fitness

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