18 Facial Sunscreens Perfect for everyday protection

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If there’s one thing that takes you away from skincare, let it be always wearing sunscreen. That means not only on clear, sunny days, but also on cloudy days, on planes, during long car journeys and at home too. “With UV rays attacking our skin every time we go outside — even indoors or near windows — sunscreen is the most important line of defense we have to protect ourselves,” says dermatologist Sphoorthi Jinna, MD, who specializes in in skin cancer and Mohs surgery, on POPSUGAR. “Especially our face, which is typically devoid of coverage, is one of the most vulnerable parts of our body. Facial sunscreen is extremely important to add to your daily regimen, both from an anti-aging and anti-ageing point of view. of skin cancer prevention.”

That’s not to say it’s always easy to find a formula that works for you, especially if you have a sensitive or acne-prone skin type. According to dr. Jinna has been pushing the skincare industry to change that, formulating facial sunscreen that is “efficient with high SPFs while making more elegant formulations than traditional body sunscreens.” That means lighter textures that blend easily into skin, can be layered under makeup, or tinted for a more elegant application for darker skin tones. The most important thing is to find a sunscreen that you want to use every day.

First, Dr. Jinna recommends using an SPF 30 higher with broad-spectrum protection “so it covers different types of UV rays that can cause skin cancer and premature aging,” she says. Another thing to note is to apply the right amount: “It is usually recommended that about a nickel-sized dollop of sunscreen should cover the face, including the upper eyelids and neck.”

There are plenty of sunscreens on the market and we’ve tried and tested hundreds of them over the years to help you choose the best formula for your specific needs. From chemical formulas to physical formulas and even a few hybrid options, we’ve rounded up the best facial sunscreens on the market. We made sure these passed our tests with elegant formulations that are ideal for your skin type and no white cast for those with dark skin tones.

Because dr. Jinna also points out that “sunscreen typically lasts for 90-120 minutes, which is why it’s important to reapply every two hours, especially when you’re outdoors or in a vehicle exposed to sunlight all day,” we even added a few. options perfect for reapplying sunscreen, such as a face mist and makeup SPF. (Just be sure to use that for extra protection over regular sunscreen, as Dr. Jinna says those “don’t usually have enough coverage on their own.”)

Whether you’re looking for moisturizing sunscreens, mattifying sunscreens, or options for acne-prone or sensitive skin, find your perfect sunscreen for everyday use.

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