2023 NFL Off-Season Numbers: Ranking all 32 teams for their draft picks, free-agent moves, trades and more

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The 2023 NFL off-season isn’t over yet. Even after the draft, all 32 teams will continue to adjust their lineups throughout the summer leading up to the season. But it’s safe to say that most of the big-name movement is over, with everyone from esteemed free agents to first-round picks locked in renewed depth charts.

So which teams can be proud of their makeovers? And which ones are sorely missing?

Here we rank all 32 teams by all of their off-season moves, with graded levels – A, B, C, D and F. This is not a pecking order for the 2023 season. Some teams were much more talented going into free agency and the draft, and continue to be. But if we were sorting clubs based purely on what’s happened since the new league year started, here’s how we’d do it:


These teams hit home runs. No, they are not perfect. But they have done a commendable job of putting their resources in the right places and/or meeting important needs in important ways.


These teams have done quite well. One or two key points are still there, but they can go into the summer relatively satisfied.


These teams predictably make up the bulk of the list: some of their decisions have been laudable, others have been questionable, and all in all, it’s hard to say they’re moving in one direction.


These teams are simply struggling to take meaningful steps forward. Some of them would always have more financial problems, but they are more desperate for future help anyway.

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