26 camping activities for the whole family

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Now that it’s summer, everyone wants to be outside, play and hang out in the warmth and sunshine. For some families, that means camping. Spending time outdoors, swapping stories (and s’mores tips) around a campfire, and falling asleep under the stars are perfect ways to celebrate summer. And with so many camping activities for you and your kids to enjoy, this could be the perfect way to beat summer boredom for a few more days – and tick something off your summer bucket list.

If camping is on the agenda for your family this summer – whether you plan to do it at a campsite for a few days or pitch a tent for a ‘camping trip’ in your own backyard – check out this list of campsites activities for children. We have included camping activities suitable for families with younger children or older children. No matter where you camp, or for how long, these camping activities for kids will help make your experience memorable.

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