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Second-hand online stores for buying used clothes

Thrift became popular in the late 19th century, just as industrialization and urbanization began to dominate the Western world.

Sadly, the stigma soon followed, with prejudice affecting both wearers of used clothing and the thrift stores themselves.

Fast-forward a few decades, and much of that stigma has been brushed aside. “I got it secondhand” has become a statement of pride rather than something embarrassing.

Here in the “Golden Age of Thrifting” it’s now a thriving industry – with over 25,000 stores (not counting online thrift store options) in the US alone!

Thrift is one of the best ways to avoid fast fashion.

If we replaced new fashion production with already existing recycled garments, we could save 190,000 tons of CO22 and 18 billion liters of water.

On a smaller scale, if you buy a used item instead of a new one, you’re moving 17.4 lbs of CO2 emissions. Collectively that is a LOT of CO2 emissions.

There is also the waste-saving aspect. For those trying to live a zero-waste lifestyle, keep in mind that thrift stores and consignment stores were the original zero-waste fashion brands. The advent of thrift websites has simply made sustainable fashion easier to access (and smell better).

What are the best online thrift stores?

Saving online is great, but it can get problematic.

There are still some environmental and ethical issues to contend with in the thrift store world, namely overdoing it!

There is such a thing and too much of a good thing, so recognize that excessive shopping – second-hand or not – is not a good habit. Grab what you need and leave what you don’t.

For example, if you have a higher budget, support consignment or designer vintage clothing online resources that prioritize what you are looking for. Leave the budget-friendly thrift stores for those who really need to know,”What is the cheapest online thrift store?

Just as slow fashion means more than sustainable fabrics, the best online thrift stores do more than just contribute to the circular economy.

If you are looking for thrift online, stores that provide employment, promote responsible textile recycling, contribute to philanthropic initiatives or encourage a more inclusive fashion world, provide Vintage clothes from the 70s online that is real dynamite.

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