34 Luxury Gifts Your Mother Deserves ASAP

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Your mom may feel like the hardest person to shop for, but the secret to finding the best gift for mom is to really think deeply about what she likes to do, what she needs, or how she’s feeling right now. If she’s been under a lot of stress, the gift of anything that puts her in a calm mood or enhances her self-care ritual will resonate. If she’s a flower person, then at least a flower subscription. If she’s an adventurous foodie, figure out how to spice up her dishes or utensils. Do you get the idea right?

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of the most creative, crowd-pleasing, and thoughtful gifts out there. From groundbreaking headphones to a set of goods designed for cozy nights in, this collection of the best gifts for mom is sure to please.

– Additional reporting by Melanie Whyte, Rebecca Brown and Krista Jones

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