4 questions we need to answer in the final season of ‘Jack Ryan’

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Well, it’s been a long time coming, but we’re about to see the end of John Krasinski’s adventures as Jack Ryan. Come June 30 on Prime Video, the fourth and final season of Jack Ryan will be ready for us to dive in. Since 2018, we’ve watched our favorite CIA analyst be ripped from the comfort of his desk to be thrust into political warfare around the world. From Venezuela to Paris to stopping an actual World War III, Jack Ryan pretty much did it all for the first three seasons. But with one season left, you know this on-screen story will come to an explosive end.

But what awaits Jack Ryan in this final season? What new enemies and old friends will pop up? And how is he sent away? Here are some burning questions we have for Jack Ryan‘s final season before its June 30 premiere.

Cathy is back, but can she be trusted?

We haven’t seen Ryan’s primary love interest, Cathy Mueller, since the show’s first season, but we know Abbie Cornish will be reprising the role for the show’s airing. In season two, Ryan quickly fell in love with Harriet Baumann, played by Noomi Rapace, before discovering her ex-relationship with Max Schenkel. Of course, Ryan had literally zero time for romance of any kind last season lest he be caught fleeing across Europe and risk a world war breaking out.

But we already know that Dr. Mueller will return this season – we just don’t know what capacity. Chances are the two will rekindle their love and live happily ever after, but Jack Ryan is rarely so lucky. Could Cathy’s return be an attempt by a higher power to bring him down once and for all, and could she be involved?

Who is Dolmingo ‘Ding’ Chavez?

Famous, Prime Videos Jack Ryan draws the name and spirit of the character invented by Tom Clancy in his novels, but is by no means tied to the plot of the books. That said, when certain plot points or characters pop up in the series that originated in the novels, it’s hard not to get excited. And that’s exactly what happened with the arrival of Dolmingo ‘Ding’ Chavez in season four.

Michael Peña takes on the role of Thing, but we can’t trust his role to be the one we already know in Jack Ryan’s greater lore. In the novels, Ding is an LA dropout who, after joining a street gang, enlists in the military. Rising through the ranks, he is recruited by the CIA as part of the organization’s Special Activates Division.

But how will his role affect Jack Ryan’s story? Will Jack have a new ally, or yet another person to look out for?

Will the CIA and Jack Ryan go head to head?

At the end of last season, Jack Ryan received a medal of honor for his work. Well deserved, honestly. We already know that he will be kicking off the final season as the new Acting Deputy Director of the CIA.

In his new role, Ryan is responsible for detecting internal corruption. Of course, his investigations find some improper transactions, to say the least, and expose a conspiracy much closer to the US than Ryan is used to. Given that Ryan has fought most of his battles internationally, this marks new fighting ground. But how deep does this conspiracy go? Who is informed? And will it affect Jack Ryan’s confidence in the organization he’s been a part of since we first met him?

What is the fate of Jack Ryan?

It is, of course, the last episode of the series. Things are finalized and storylines are closed. Jack Ryan is going to fight his way through the corruption in the CIA and discover how deep it runs, but will he succeed? And if so, what does that success look like? Will he trump the bad guys and come out on top again? Will he sacrifice himself for the greater good, save the nation at the cost of his own life? Could he defy all odds and sit in the Oval Office?

The only way to find out is to tune into the final season of Jack Ryan, which premieres June 30 on Prime Video. Start your 30-day free trial today.

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