4 Superheroes Who Quietly Saved The Entire Dang World

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They had waited too long to take action, and not only was the reactor leaking radiation, but many of the emergency safeguards had already failed. Instead of turning tail and leaving, to minimize the number of grown tails, Akimov and his team stuck around and took take matters into your own hands – literally. They manually pumped water into the superheated reactor without the necessary wardrobe to do so safely, and they all died as a result. However, they made the meltdown even more disastrous than it already was.

Ignaz Semmelweis

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This nerd wants us to wash the corpse off our hands!

Our last hero was a man who could have saved countless lives… if everyone hadn’t decided back then to tell him to fuck off. I’m talking about Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis. Semmelweis, as any good doctor should be, was alarmed by the massive death rates associated with childbirth at his hospital, and decided that maybe he should figure out how not to kill people. It has to be said that this was in the 19th century, right around the time when it first fell out of favor for blaming deaths on high demonic levels, so they weren’t looking too closely at scientific solutions.

Semmelweis did a bit of extremely superficial digging, noting that the death rate for women whose births were handled by doctors was five times higher than those whose births were handled by midwives. He investigated a number of variables to see what caused this, and finally came up with the crazy hypothesis that the doctors, who performed autopsies on recently sick dead people, walked into the maternity ward and put their unwashed, ungloved, sap-soaked hand directly into pregnant ladies, may benefit from a quick rinse.

He had doctors wash their hands with chlorine between patients, and while it probably wasn’t great for their skin, it worked. The percentage of ‘infant bed fever’, the cause of death yours, went way down. Tell everyone about this, show the proof, big win for the medical profession and mothers who prefer to live, right? Well, it should have been. Except other doctors got all pissed off at the suggestion they were doing something wrong and completely ignored Semmelweis. Even the hospital where he worked, where they would work seen it worked, fired him and stopped washing their hands.

Apparently he was disliked for his tendency to yell at doctors who didn’t follow his rules – that is, doctors who were actively killing people.

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