7 Best Womens Reusable Razor Brands For a Clean Shave & Cleaner Planet

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Why Choose The Best Reusable Razors For Women

This may cut deep, but there’s no other way to slice it: single use plastic razors are a hairy mess for the environment.

Not only are drugstore razors non-recyclable and a significant contributor to landfill waste, but they likewise cause damage by leaching toxic chemicals into our waterways.

It’s far from hair-larious to learn 2 billion disposable razors are discarded annually in the US. That’s more than 63 razors per second. 

An estimated 158.1 million Americans used disposable razors in 2020, and it’s expected to increase to 160.16 million by 2024.

If that doesn’t make your skin crawl, the long-term impact of single-use plastic razors should.

Because they’re made of non-renewable resources with limited recyclability that take hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years to decompose, this means a whole lot of microplastics are continuously released into our waterways, our seas, and our drinking water.

While companies like BIC have unsuccessfully tried to start recycling programs, others like Gillette are fortunately now recyclable through Terracycle.

The downside, though, is that there are only 200 recycling centers and the cost to ship old razors is on the consumer.

One shave at a time, we can make a difference thanks to sustainable alternatives, which are reusable razors made of stainless steel, bamboo, metal, or brass.

Tips For Reusable Women’s Razors

We promise that with a bit of practice, safety razors won’t get under your skin. 

In fact, much like leg hair, they’ll grow on you by following three pro-tips:

  1. Keep it wet: It’s called wet shaving and it’s better for your skin, reducing razor burns and ingrown hairs when done the right way. Use ample shaving cream or organic body wash, and lather up with a zero waste lotion after.
  2. Keep it light: You don’t need to add much pressure. These razors are precision-engineered to work best under the weight of their own heads, so simply hold it at 45-degrees.
  3. Keep it slow: Holding it lightly against your skin, the blade should glide slowly across your skin, removing the hair in one fell swoop. No need to go over and over the same area, although you can re-lather with shaving soap and go a second time against the grain.

Pivoting Head vs Safety Razor

While we only feature one pivoting head option with multiple thin blades here, it’s important to distinguish this type of razor from your standard safety razor. 

If a razor is going to have multiple blades, the moving head helps with the angle at which the blades meet the skin.

Plus, with the moving head, you can choose whether you want the closest shave with three blades, a close shave with two blades, or use only one blade with the moving head, which is best for those with sensitive skin. 

As for the safety razor, in spite of what its name suggests, its bare blades and zero skin guards can seem anything but safe.

Instead of a multi-blade moving head, the safety razor features a single stationed replaceable blade that is double-sided and requires just a small learning curve. 

Safety razors come recommended because they’re environmentally friendly, kinder to your skin, and more hygienic, since they don’t end up dragging the residue of soap, hair, and dead cells across your skin.  

Recycling Women’s Razor Blades

The best reusable razor (women’s or men’s!) means one without any waste, so we still need to consider what to do when the blades get dull.

Since they’re sharp and hazardous, women’s razor blades aren’t accepted with the rest of your curbside recycling.

You’ll need to check with your city council to learn where your community collects scrap metal.

Scrap metal recycling locations aren’t the easiest to locate in the US, but many pharmacies and drug stores will also accept them.

Alternatively, you can always mail your safety razor blades of any brand to Leaf.

Final Thoughts On The Best Razors For Women

Let’s cut to the chase: women’s reusable razors are healthier, cheaper, and more effective.

We can shave millions of pounds of plastic use thanks to reusable razors and shaving soap bars—which is why investing in a reusable razor kit is so worthwhile.

Say goodbye to prickly skin, excess packaging, and petroleum-based plastic with any one of these reusable women’s razors, and both your skin and the planet will thank you for the world’s cleanest shave.

Next time your au naturel friend complains about their summertime bikini line, help them prevent irritation of their skin and the planet by passing along this article.

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