8 Celebrities Who Got Real About Hair Loss

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8 Celebrities Who Got Real About Their Hair Loss

Celebrities are more open about their beauty rituals than ever before. From what plastic surgeries they’ve had to their grossest guilty pleasures, it’s never been easier to know every aspect of a star’s routine. Recently, there’s been another once-taboo (but increasingly common) topic that celebs haven’t been afraid to get real: hair loss.

For years, the condition was considered something to hide and worry about in private, often leading to embarrassment around shedding for millions of people around the world. (Though, according to Webmd, 40 percent of women in the U.S. are affected by age 40.) Fortunately, many celebrities have begun to break through those stigmas by revealing their personal experiences with hair loss. The causes behind each person’s story varied: some experienced traction alopecia from wearing haircuts that were too tight, while many others experienced hair loss as a persistent side effect of COVID-19.

This is normal: “Hair loss [is] caused due to a sudden shock to a bodily function,” Bridgette Hill, board certified trichologist and founder of Root Cause Scalp Analysis, previously told POPSUGAR. “It can be stress-induced, hormonal, mental, nutritional, or physical.” on the other hand, “something is causing hair to stop growing,” according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association. The causes of hair loss can be hereditary, including harsh hair care products or an overreaction of the immune system, among other causes.

Still, stars speaking about their experiences help normalize the reality of hair loss and, hopefully, inspire action rather than sadness. Keep reading to see which celebs have gotten real about hair loss, along with what they’ve done to help.