9 American-Made Womens Clothing For No Sweat Shopping

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About Whimsy + Row

Price Range: $36–$398

When it comes to American-made clothing for women, Whimsy + Row is one of our go-to American apparel all-rounders.

They have everything you need for your whimsical wardrobe, all the way from socks and underwear to sustainable wedding dresses.

Their comfy USA-made women’s clothing items are sewn in small batches, with gingham prints, florals, and linens in all their greatness. Adorably chic styles that are the perfect intersection between cozy, cute, and conscious.

If you’re looking for versatility, we recommend their Sidney Dress. With detachable sleeves and straps, the smocked body linen midi dress gives you three dresses for the price of one.

Whimsy + Row Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Low impact fabrics like certified organic cotton, linen, TENCEL™, Cupro Silk, and deadstock are commonly used for their made-in-the-USA clothing.

Always looking for the most sustainable option, the company spent years searching for an alternative to viscose that didn’t rely on deadstock. They now use Grisocare, a blend of ECOVERO™ viscose derived from certified renewable wood sources. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The American-made women’s clothing brand prioritizes ethical production over mass production.

Small but mighty, you can learn about their entire team on their website. Every factory is listed with their size, location, pay, benefits, and materials.

All clothing is made within miles of their West Los Angeles office, meaning weekly factory visits are routine.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

In efforts to become part of the zero waste movement, fabric scraps are turned into cute accessories like bandanas, bucket hats, and scrunchies. 

They also have their very own resale platform for pre-loved pieces named Wear It Again Whimsy. 


Most clothing items come in XS to XL.

Community & charitable giving:

Once a month, their community comes together to participate in beach clean-ups, plant trees, and donate food to women in need.

The socially conscious fashion company also regularly donate to organizations dedicated to climate change, equal rights, fair wages, feeding the hungry, and fair wages.

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