9 best vegan wallets to keep your money cruelty free

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Why choose a vegan leather wallet?

Even with the advent of Apple Pay and cryptocurrency, credit cards, paper money and coins still have a place in society, which at least makes a vegan cardholder wallet an essential accessory for the man or woman in town.

That is why we need solutions for traditional unsustainable and unethical materials such as PVC and leather.

Leather is an animal by-product and although some of it comes from slaughterhouses, approximately 1 billion animals are killed in the leather industry each year.

Animal cruelty aside, the tanning process is toxic due to the use of chemicals such as cyanide, arsenic and chromium.

PVC is the other common material you’ll find in vegan purses, and while it may be more ethical, there are still hidden dangers. PVC is a type of plastic with a highly toxic chemical content and a lack of resources for proper disposal.

Wallets tend to be small in size, but their impact pales in comparison unless you make an effort to look for a better brand.

How we found the best vegan purses

Some of your most precious items find their way into your wallet: partner photos, networking business cards, and let’s not forget we need to carry at least a small amount of cash.

For such important items, we only want the best – so what are the best vegan purses? How did we search through all the receipts, punch cards, and tickets to find them?

We have taken note of our criteria for sustainable fashion.


Some of the vegan leather wallet alternatives used include natural cork fabric, recycled plastic bottles, vegan vegetable leather (such as apple or cactus leather and Piñatex), reclaimed parachute silk, recycled ocean plastic, and decommissioned fire hoses.

Animal leather occasionally appeared (although there are always options without), but this form of ethical leather was completely recycled – so not associated with new animal deaths.

Supply Chain and Labor Practices:

If you don’t want to fall into the trap of fast fashion, transparency is essential. Many of the brands mentioned are not afraid to clean up the dirt and do their best to ensure that the social side of their business is squeaky clean.

Most have strict codes of conduct regarding fair wages and safe working conditions. Some present third-party certifications to support their commitment to such social issues.

Carbon Commitments and Green Practices:

A wallet must withstand the rigors of everyday use for years to come.

But it should also be produced using renewable energy where possible, shipped using low-carbon shipping methods, mitigated through carbon offset programs, and packaged in recycled and recyclable packaging.

Community and Charity:

Most of these are brands that give back by contributing to animal-related, environmental or social organizations – sometimes as much as 50%!

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