Abhishek Bachchan says Aishwarya Rai allows him to go out, do movies; Shares why Aaradhya doesn’t watch movies

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Aaradhya, the daughter of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai, is one of the most beloved star children in the city. Every time she is clicked with her parents in town, her photos and videos go viral. Netizens are often praised for the way she behaves in public. Recently, Abhishek spoke about Aaradhaya in an interview and shared how beautifully she has adapted to the world of cinema. He credited Aishwarya for easing things for their daughter.

Abhishek Bachchan talks about his daughter Aaradhya Bachchan

During an interview with ETimes, Abhishek talked about how Aishwarya has allowed him to start working in films as she takes care of Aaradhya. Speaking about Aaradhya adapting to showbiz, he said, “Fortunately, her mother brought her into this world seamlessly. I think it was very important and Aishwarya handled it beautifully that it was no problem for her that both her grandparents are from the film world and both of your parents are from a film world we didn’t make it a big thing it was very normal she is a very normal kid the credit for that should totally go to my wife because she made me allows me to go out and do my films and she takes care of Aaradhya.”

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He continued: “I’m sure it can’t be easy, but she’s just a normal kid and because she is, she’s happiest playing, going to school, hanging out with her friends. She doesn’t really want to watch movies compulsively , she’s happy doing other things On some level I don’t want to ask her what her favorite movie of mine is I don’t think I want to because then I get a brutally honest answer and I don’t think I’m ready for that .”

Abhishek also spoke about setting limits on social media. He said he is not comfortable with people talking about Aaradhya on public platforms. He said: “My daughter has lost ties. I don’t allow you the liberty on my social media handles to discuss that. It’s something I’m not going to get into and if I feel like there’s a line needs to be drawn, I will. sign that.”

Aaradhya recently made headlines after taking legal action against YouTube channels. She filed a plea with the Delhi High Court to bar YouTube channels from sharing videos about her health. The decision fell in her favor.

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