About Dove Cameron’s 20+ tattoo collection

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Cameron has a handful of small hidden tattoos that we only know about because she talked about them. We’ll break them down here.

Dove Cameron’s Bikini Line Tattoo”

The multihyphenate star’s very first tattoo when she was 14 is a Capricorn symbol on her hip, which she hasn’t revealed but has talked about many times. “I have a Capricorn sign on my bikini line because I wanted something that will always be me, even at 85,” she told Refinery29. While she kept the ink away from her parents at first, they gave her their approval when she told them the next day. “It was like a gate, don’t start it,” she joked on a recent episode with Drew Barrymore.

Dove Cameron’s ribcage tattoo

In October 2021, Cameron debuted a never-before-seen tattoo on her ribcage. While she hasn’t revealed what the tattoo reads, or the meaning behind it, fans have speculated that this is the tattoo she chose next talk to her audience at a recent show.

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