AGT 2023: Japanese dance group wins FINAL golden buzzer of season; Sofia Vergara calls it ‘perfect audition’

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Competitive reality series America’s Got Talent wrapped up its auditions for the currently airing season 18 during the August 8 episode. The NBC talent show aired its tenth episode on Tuesday and featured the final golden buzzer of the season. Here’s how a Japanese dance group managed to wow the judges and received the group golden buzzer of the season.

AGT 2023: Japanese dance group wows judges and live audience

The judges panel consisting of Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, and Howie Mandel were left impressed by an audition during the final audition episode. Chibi Unity, a dance group from Niigata, Japan, pulled off this feat, and here’s what their skillful act was like. Bunta, the crew’s spokesperson, walked on stage and introduced himself to the judges. He revealed they chose to appear on the show after seeing last season’s winners The Mayyas.

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The group proceeded to perform and showcased an amazing demonstration of light and shadow play, synchronization, dance moves, and flexibility. Their powerful act received a standing ovation from the judges as well as the live audience and the comments were even better. Mandel said, “The dance category this year, on season 18, is off the charts. But you took it to another level. The emotion that comes out of your dancing, it’s inspirational.”

He continued, “You added everything. It was so wonderful. I loved the speed, the dexterity, and the moves you had. I would love to see a show, an hour of you, in Las Vegas.” Klum called it “unexpected” and “dynamic,” pointing out the well-executed outfit changes. Vergara, who is known for starring in popular sitcom Modern Family, commented, “I was getting goosebumps and my heart was beating. It was the best dancing I have ever seen in my life.”

AGT 2023: Chibi Unity win final golden buzzer of season

She concluded by calling it “the perfect AGT audition.” Cowell found their performance powerful, original, and incredible. He smiled and mused that each one of them was thinking the same thing. The judge called host Terry Crews to the judges table and all five of them pressed the golden buzzer together. Chibi Unity burst out in joy as golden confetti flooded the stage. The members were teary eyes as they hugged each other for the victory.

Season 18 of America’s Got Talent has seen all its share of golden buzzers. The first buzzer was given by the audience to the Mzansi Youth Choir. Simon Cowell gave his to Indonesian blind singer Putri Ariani. Howie Mandel chose dance troupe Murmuration. Terry Crews picked the Atlanta Drum Academy as his choice. Sofia Vergara gave her buzzer to Brazilian singer Gabriel Henrique. Heidi Klum awarded hers to autistic singer Lavender Darcangelo.

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