All the Best Celebrities Cameos You May Have Missed in “Across the Spider-Verse”

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Oscar Isaac voices Miguel O’Hara, canonically known as Spider-Man 2099 from Earth-928. As the head of the interdimensional Spider-Gang, Miguel is in charge of the Super-Collider, a particle accelerator designed to bridge the gap between dimensions. As with all Spider-Men, Miguel has a dark past that makes him stubborn and outraged. In addition to leading the superhero multiverse, he acts as a main antagonist in the film.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, producers Philip Lord and Chris Miller revealed that Isaac only agreed to voice Miguel on the condition that they wouldn’t make his character boring. In an effort to flesh out his backstory, they drew inspiration from Isaac’s real-life experiences.

“One of the things we talked about with Oscar was that we know people in our lives who are hardliners, right?” Lord said. “And what makes them a hardliner is that they are usually traumatized. And the only way out is through some kind of orthodoxy. Because you can’t tolerate dissent, because dissent is to question whether your pain is legitimate or not Oscar is from a community of Cubans in exile, and that’s a lot of how people feel And we were like, well, let’s expose the beginning of that trauma, and so you encourage Miguel to make a find another way. Because this wasn’t working for him.”

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