AR Rahman reacts to ‘new term’ nepotism: ‘If my kids aren’t into it, this entire place is going to…’

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Film industry’s much loved, controversial and debate riddled N word (read nepotism) seems to have a new taker. Sharing his two cents on it was world famous musician, singer, and composer AR Rahman. In a recent interview, he spoke about it. In fact, his three kids Khatika, Raheema, and Ameen, are all into the field of music, especially Khatija and Ameen. Rahman wished for them to prosper in their individual careers. Scroll on to read all about what the Jai Ho fame music director had to say.

AR Rahman on Nepotism

In a recent conversation with The Hindu, AR Rahman shared his thoughts on nepotism and said that if his kids “won’t take his legacy forward, his entire setup will turn into a godown”. Moreover, Rahman added, “People nowadays have learnt this new term… nepotism. I have built all this stuff, this entire world; if my kids aren’t into it, this entire place is going to become a godown! Every step, every inch of every wall, and every chair in my studio has been selected with so much passion and care, and I hope for them to take over from me in the future.” 

AR Rahman view on daughter’s Khatija and son’s Ameen songs

During the interview, proud father AR Rahman said that his daughter has been working hard in the field of music. She has, in fact, sung a few popular songs including the Ponniyin Selvan II song Chinnanjiru (Marumurai) in the Tamil version, Minnanchula Vennelaa (Reprise) in the Telugu version, and Mera Aasmaan Jal Gaya (Reprise) in the Hindi version. 

Last year, Khatija got married to Riyasdeen Shaik Mohamed who works as a live sound engineer for AR Rahman. 

On the other hand, son Ameen has also sung some beautiful songs like Never Say Goodbye for the film Dil Bechara. The last song that he sang was Veerane for the Tamil film Maamannan.

AR Rahman on wanting his kids to be aware

In the interview, the Oscar-winning musician shared that he always makes his kids feel the importance of carrying his legacy forward. Moreover, Rahman expressed that whatever money he leaves for anyone, it is bound to disappear in a day if the owner is not not smart enough and doesn’t understand the legacy. He also talked about the kind of financial struggles he, his mother, and sisters had to go through, and all that has shaped him into the person that he is today. Rahman said, “Even now, those experiences help me make grounded decisions. So I really want my children to be aware of everything going on; I don’t believe in hiding any bad news or problems from them. I even inform them if I get a loan for a building and the mortgage I’m paying. This is not to torture them, but only to make them learn.” 

AR Rahman on the work front

Currently, AR Rahman is working on his new project which is a film with Mani Ratnam starring legendary actor Kamal Haasan. At the same time, he has many other Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu films in his pipeline.

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