Ariana Grande remains ‘unbothered’ from backlash amidst dating Ethan Slater and his divorce fiasco

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Amid the public divorce of American actor Ethan Slater with wife Lilly Jay, Ariana Grande seems to be acting pretty insensitive on the matter. Days after the reports of the two dating each other came out, Ethan’s wife had jarring comments to make about the singer. She had said that her family was only ‘collateral damage’ for Ariana. Despite all the backlash that the American singer has been receiving for her affair with Ethan, it seems like she is in no mood to retreat. A recent bird told Entertainment Tonight about her reaction to the entire fiasco and the fans are not happy with the way she is handling this divorce.

Ariana progresses relationship with Ethan Slater

According to Entertainment Tonight, a close source to Ariana Grande has opened up about her reaction to Ethan Slater’s ongoing divorce. The Wicked co-stars continue to date as the legal proceedings of the divorce take place. The source told the new speaker that she is “trying to give Ethan some space as he figures everything out.” While this is the right step forward, the source also confirmed that “ their relationship is still progressing.”

The word broke out on Twitter, and Ariana has been facing backlash yet again. Once before, when the dating rumors of the two had come out, the American singer was criticized for her actions. Even Lilly Jay came forward to express her concerns about Ethan dating someone else while they were still part of a legal marriage. She said that her family was “collateral damage” for Ariana.

Ariana is undeterred by backlash

It was reported that Ariana what is eager to go public with a relationship with the Wicked co-star. However, her team had suggested taking things slow for the time being. But the events that followed did not go unnoticed by any. The singer continued to “progress” her relationship. For this, she is receiving major backlash even from her loyal fans.

For now, there has been no official word from either of the stars. It will be worth looking out for how Lilly reacts to the conjecture in the future. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is any more information. Thus, stay tuned to Pinkvilla. 

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