Australia to reinforce long-range capabilities, northern bases

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Review marks the largest overhaul of Australian defense policy since World War II.

Australia has said procurement of nuclear-powered submarines, long-range strikes and its northern bases will be among the country’s six priority areas following a major defense strategy review initiated by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese shortly after his election.

With the public release of the classified Defense Strategic Review, Albanese noted three other priorities for immediate action: initiatives to enhance the growth and retention of a highly skilled defense workforce, improving Australia’s ability to rapidly adopt new technologies, in defence, and a deepening of defense and diplomatic partnerships with “key partners” in the Indo-Pacific.

“The strategic defense review and government response is about maintaining peace, security and prosperity in our region,” Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Secretary Richard Marles said in a statement Monday, stressing that work on the initiatives will begin immediately. would start.

“Many difficult decisions have to be made, but in doing so, we make them in the best interest of our defense force and our country.”

The defense overhaul comes amid rising tensions in East Asia — particularly over the self-governing island of Taiwan — and as China continues to modernize its military.

“A large-scale conventional and non-conventional military buildup without the strategic reassurance contributes to the most challenging conditions in our region in decades,” the government said.

Australia has previously expressed concern about the lack of transparency surrounding China’s military buildup.

Albanese said the review’s recommendations would strengthen Australia’s “national security and our preparedness for future challenges” and “help build a more secure Australia and a more stable and prosperous region”.

The review, which recommended Australia increase defense spending from its current level of about 2 percent, was led by former Chief of the Australian Armed Forces Angus Houston and former Defense Secretary Stephen Smith.

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