Batting Around: Have the Padres or Mets Had a More Disappointing First Half of the Season?

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Throughout the season, CBS Sports’ MLB experts will bring you a weekly Batting Around roundtable that breaks down pretty much everything. Breaking news, a historical question, thoughts on the future of baseball, anything. Last week we discussed the Athletics name as they move to Las Vegas. This week we are going to tackle underperforming teams.

Which team was the biggest disappointment: Mets or Padres?

RJ Andersen: I’m going with the Mets. I know neither has the kind of record we expected, but the Mets also have a negative run differential. To their credit, the Padres are well into plus territory in that regard, and as I write this, they are about 50 runs better than the Mets this season. Incidentally, the Padres also have the better track record.

Day Perry: While the Cardinals may want a word, if given the choice between them or the Padres, I have to go with the Mets. The Pads, compared to the Mets, have a slightly better track record and significantly better run differential, and they’ve accomplished those things despite playing a tougher schedule thus far. Considering the Mets won 100 games last season and have the highest payroll in MLB history, they are the “winners” here.

Matt Snyder: I think if you took the temperature of the fan bases, the Mets would probably “win” convincingly here, but for me personally, it’s the Padres. I predicted the Mets would finish third in the NL East and miss the playoffs. Some of the issues that concerned me were the possibility of a fragile pitching staff – some due to age – and a relatively thin lineup. That is, I thought we could foresee some of the problems that have plagued the Mets. At the end of the Padres, the pathetic offense, especially situationally, just shouldn’t happen. They should be better than this. They lead NL in ERA. Heading into the season, if someone told you that the Padres would have the best team ERA in the NL as of June 29, you would definitely think the Padres would be in first place. Instead, the bats have completely abandoned them. Especially Manny Machado, Jake Cronenworth and Xander Bogaerts have to do much better.

Mike Axisa: I think it’s also the Padres. The Mets have the largest payroll in baseball history, but as the season started it was pretty obvious how this team could underperform. They counted on several aging pitchers and they added nothing to a lineup that was good, but not great, last season. Injuries happened, Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander showed their age at times and the lineup is again a few bats short. Also, the center of the bullpen is weak. This isn’t it That shocking, is it?

However, with the Padres, everyone is at their best at their core, except Yu Darvish, yet almost all of them underperform. I mean, it’s June 29 and Manny Machado is hitting .253/.297/.410. Xander Bogaerts hit .228/.304/.315 since May 1. Jake Cronenworth has been one of the least productive first basemen in baseball. A lot of their guys should be better than this. The Mets are having more of a worst case scenario season. This was always within the possibilities. The Padres are just confusing. There’s no reason why they should be so mediocre.

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