Bitcoin whitepaper has disappeared from Apple’s latest macOS beta

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Apple may have fallen out of love for Bitcoin.

In April, an unusual piece of news made the rounds: Someone had hidden a copy of the Bitcoin whitepaper in Apple’s macOS, and it remained there for years and through several major versions of the operating system.

But it’s probably coming to an end now. According to 9to5Mac(opens in a new tab)the latest beta version of macOS Ventura no longer contains the file.


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The file, which was hidden in a tool called “”, is nowhere to be found, and the entire itself has also been removed. In addition to the copy of the Bitcoin whitepaper, the file also contained a mysterious image, likely taken on San Francisco’s Treasure Island, along with a few other files.

Bitcoin whitepaper

Sorry, you will have to purchase your copy of the Bitcoin whitepaper elsewhere.
Credit: Satoshi Nakamoto/Apple

The Bitcoin whitepaper was originally published by the mysterious founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, in 2008. It contains a technical overview of the Bitcoin protocol.

We may never find out why the Bitcoin whitepaper was hidden in macOS in the first place. Since it was removed from the operating system pretty quickly, it’s likely that an Apple engineer thought it would be a cool idea, but Apple decided they didn’t want to be associated with Bitcoin in this way.

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