Bleeding from sharp inflation, Pakistanis celebrate Eid ul Adha in hopes of economic recovery

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Muslims attend Eid ul Fitr prayers in Karachi on April 22, 2023. — Reuters
Muslims attend Eid ul Fitr prayers in Karachi on April 22, 2023. — Reuters

With consumer prices heading north and affordability moving south, millions of Pakistanis are fervently marking Eid ul Adha, dubbed ‘Bakra Eid’, but not without feeling the pain amid prayers for an economic turnaround – which is hitting the country hard. need.

The South Asian country is facing one of its worst crises as the government struggles to revive a stalled International Monetary Fund (IMF) program, resulting in skyrocketing inflation and a record fall in the value of the rupee.

After the Eid prayer on Thursday, men rushed to find butchers to help them sacrifice their animals – an obligation for those who can afford it.

During the festival, Muslims around the world slaughter animals – goats, sheep, bulls/cows or camels – keeping a third of the meat for themselves before giving a third to friends and family and a third to charity .

But several people were excluded from this activity because rising prices prevented them from buying an animal, which diminished their happiness.

“Due to inflation, people are unable to celebrate this Eid with joy. I pray that we overcome this economic crisis so that everyone can enjoy such festivities,” said Danish human rights activist Siddiqui, 43.

Annual inflation in Pakistan has also risen to an all-time high of 38% due to supply shocks, economic uncertainty and the lack of controls on hoarding and profit-seeking.

“In the current situation, I continue to pray that God may keep everyone safe,” said Adela Wasif, a housewife, hoping for the betterment of the masses, especially those below the poverty line.

This Eid in particular also allows people to cook traditional dishes – kaleji, katakat, rosh, brain masala, BBQ and others.

“I’m going to cook a lot of dishes this year – chicken tikka, katakat, Kabuli rice […] and plan to distribute cooked food to the needy,” Dania Noor, a university student, told her

Think flood victims: PM

On the occasion of Eid ul Adha, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has urged people to take extra care and remember those left homeless by last year’s floods.

The prime minister said in a statement that he knew Pakistan was facing rising inflation caused by “external problems in the form of inflation and recession”.

The Prime Minister congratulated the Pakistani nation and the Islamic ummah on the auspicious occasion of Hajj and Eid ul-Adha while praying for the acceptance of all religious rituals and sacrifices.

The prime minister said that the incumbent government is using all its resources to help the population.

It had provided “maximum relief” to the paid class, pensioners and workers in the current fiscal budget.

The Prime Minister prayed for peace and prosperity in the Muslim world and for relief from the suffering of Muslims worldwide, especially for the oppressed brothers and sisters in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine by India.

The Prime Minister noted that peace, tolerance, brotherhood and obedience to Allah’s commands were the messages conveyed through sacrifices and performing Hajj.

He added that fulfilling such requirements through practical realization, coupled with thinking about the significance of the occasion and the purpose behind it, would fulfill the real objectives of this Eid.

He said that the basic philosophy behind Eid ul Adha was to sacrifice the most precious thing for Allah by showing sincerity and devotion.

“No nation can progress unless it has a spirit of sacrifice”

Acting President Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani expressed his sincere greetings to the entire nation on the blessed and joyful occasion of Eid ul Adha.

In a statement, he said Eid ul Adha was a beautiful symbol of obedience as on this day Muslims commemorate the acts of obedience and submission performed by the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) when God commanded him to sacrifice his son, Ismail (AS). . established such an eternal tradition of obedience and sacrifice that was followed to the end of time.

“This spirit of sacrifice has a universal status. No country in the world can progress unless it has the spirit of sacrifice,” he said.

The acting president said that the nation should work together for the development and prosperity of the country. “We must keep all our interests, preferences and prejudices behind us.”

He said that now is the time to overcome all political preferences and adopt a common plan of action for the country’s development and prosperity.

“This country was born as a result of endless sacrifice, tolerance and stability,” he said.

He asked the people to take special care of their brothers and sisters who have been left behind by the oppression of the situation.

“We must keep an eye around us so that none of our neighbors may miss the delights of this sacred occasion.”

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