Celebrities love their moms! Check out some of our favorite photos of stars and their mothers

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Nothing makes us smile more than seeing sweet snaps of celebrities with their mothers. There’s no better indication of who a star really is than seeing the women who raised them – some of whom are famous themselves.

Lizzo, Ariana Grande, Taylor SwiftAnd Camila Cabello have all shared significant career moments with their mothers over the years Yara Shahidi, ZendayaAnd pigeon cameron have even taken their mothers to major red carpet events.

These star moms never inspire them. As Grande said of her mother Joan Grande in 2018: “[You’re] a mother and a father, a best friend, an inspiration, a comedian, a healer, a genius and a brilliant example of a woman.” And Grande is probably not alone in thinking about her mother’s world.

In honor of Mother’s Day, scroll ahead to see some of the most adorable photos of celebrities with their moms!

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