Chelsea and Mauricio Pochettino have agreed terms to take over as head coach after the season, reports show

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It’s been a long time though according to multiple reports, Chelsea made arrangements with Maurice Pochettino will be their head coach in the summer. Having left both Thomas Tuchel and Graham Potter this season, Chelsea have been looking for a long-term solution which they hope Pochettino will be too. The former SouthamptonPSG and Tottenham manager, Pochettino’s high pressure and talent for improving players could be a boon for the Blues in the future.

There will be questions about who he will keep in the squad as the team has underperformed this season, but one player who could be key to his line-up is Mason mountain. A midfielder who can apply pressure and orchestrate the attack would be a Christian Eriksen style role in Pochettino’s new Chelsea.

He is a manager who knows a lot about it what Chelsea need to improve but he also needs support and time from Todd Boehly. Chelsea have already made the mistake of moving away from managers too soon, so if he’s not aligned with how the team will rebuild, not much will change about the team. But looking at what Pochettino has been able to do to help Tottenham surpass Hotspur and Southampton, he can take that to a Chelsea side that isn’t star-studded like the PSG he previously led.

Pochettino may not be the manager to really win a trophy with Chelsea, but that’s not what they need at the moment. They need style, direction and solid leadership, all things that the Argentina manager can put aside. Also, he can identify which members of the team have potential while using the academy to add depth. A manager who improves players under him can make the best use of the Cobham academy to get the club back to where they need to be.

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