Copa del Rey final: Real Madrid win vs. Osasuna is crucial to Carlo Ancelotti’s future at Los Blancos

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Winning trophies is the expectation RealMadrid. While Los Blancos play in the Copa Del Rey final on Saturday health and still in the Champions League, with a semi-final date Manchester City Tuesday kick off. this season is in danger of being a disappointment, even if they win the Club World Cup. Considering their opponents, while Real get a chance to advance in Europe, all their eggs must be in the Copa Del Rey final as this is the most likely tournament they can win.

The future of manager Carlo Ancelotti is up in the air with not just rumors of a transfer to coach Brazil but given the sky-high expectations in Madrid. Without trophies (and, if we’re being honest, even with them) the team might decide they want to go in a different direction, so coming out of their matchup with Osasuna with a trophy is vital to determine what happens next. happens afterwards. at the Santiago Bernabeu. It has been a transitional season for Los Blancos and Xabi Alonso is doing well in Germany and Jude Bellingham possibly joining in the summer could be a time to move into a new era, but if Ancelotti walks away with a few more trophies, that future could once again be postponed.

Whether this is Ancelotti’s last ride before moving into his next era or a track-saving game, the pressure is on. With an aging squad, it’s important for Real Madrid to win this game to ensure that no matter how the Champions League plays out, the season ends on a high note. That of Barcelona The resurgence has already cost Real Madrid the Spanish Super Cup and La Liga, but the return of the rivalry between Spain’s top clubs will be good in the long run.

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How to watch and opportunities

  • Date: Saturday 6 May | Time: 4 p.m. ET
  • Place: Seville Olympic Stadium — Seville, Spain
  • TV: None | Live stream: ESPN+
  • Chances: Real Madrid-310; Draw +390; Osasuna +750 (via Caesars Sportsbook)

As Real Madrid get older, Karim Benzema, Luke Modric, Tony KroosAnd Daniel Carvajal are all players entering the twilight of their careers, but a quest for their 20th Copa Del Rey could give the team something to play for. They have lost focus in league play at the time with Barcelona pulling away, but the team has dialed in during cup competitions.

Osasuna will fight in the match considering the team has never won a top flight trophy and last won a trophy when they were promoted to La Liga in 2019 after winning La Liga two. Reaching this point is already an unreal feat for them, and while an end to Cinderella is not impossible, if Benzema is healthy, Real Madrid’s attack will not be defensible.

When the lights shine brightest, despite their struggles in league games, Real Madrid have delivered, which is a credit to Ancelotti. Managing the present, but also guiding the future, the team is in good hands, with or without him. When most teams rebuild, they miss out on European football, but a Real Madrid rebuild could bring them at least two trophies in a season.

It’s a different level in Madrid, but the team still needs to make sure they keep their focus. Outside Marco Asencio and Daniel Ceballos, depth players have struggled, but there’s always a summer ahead to add to that core. Now the focus is on a trophy, be it for a group broadcast or to show they can still keep it going with the current group of players.

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