Criminals are using a new trick to take people’s money from banks

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A representative image of a courier representative delivering a package.  — Unsplash
A representative image of a courier representative delivering a package. — Unsplash

A gang of criminals in Gujranwala has devised a trick to deceive and stealthily rob unsuspecting citizens.

The gang employs a fraudulent tactic where they act as courier delivery drivers delivering gifts directly to people’s homes. Once there, they manipulate victims into sharing their fingerprints when receiving documents.

While the citizens are unaware of the devious act, these criminals are taking advantage of the thumbprints to withdraw money from their bank accounts.

The Cybercrime Wing (CCW) of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in the city of Punjab has arrested a four-member gang, including a bank manager, in this connection. The gang has so far emptied the bank accounts of hundreds of citizens.

The leader of the group, Jalilur Rehman, has been arrested from Faisalabad, while the police have registered five cases against the suspects. More cases will also be registered after receiving complaints from affected citizens.

Criminals’ modus operandi

Regarding the gang’s modus operandi, the FIA ​​investigation official said the criminals would bring gifts to civilians by posing as fake representatives of a courier service and then finding their fingerprints on the receipt paper.

According to the investigating officer, the criminals had copied the bank account holders’ fingerprint onto silicon and would also use it to get a duplicate SIM card in their name.

The investigating officer added that all information to log into the account was through the customer’s digital mobile phone application

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