Dahmer actor Evan Peters joins Tron 3 with Jared Leto as his next project

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Evan Peters has finally decided what his next project will be. The actor who terrified fans around the world with his menacing portrayal of serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer in the hit Netflix series will be seen in the sci-fi world of Tron movies.

Joining the talented actor is another star known for his unhinged roles, which is Jared Leto.

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Evan Peters joined the iconic Tron series known for its visual effects

The original Tron movie starring Jeff Bridges and was about a game designer who gets transported into his own program wasn’t a huge box office hit.

But the film managed to earn two Oscar nominations, none of which came from the visual effects department. The visuals of that film were said to be ahead of their time, with a sci-fi undertone rarely found in films of the era.

A sequel to that movie titled Tron: Legacy was released in 2010 directed by the Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski. The film also starred Olivia Wilde and Garett Hedlund, while Jeff Bridges also returned

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Future of Evan Peters in Tron series

With the latest film Tron: Ares, starring Jared Leto and Evan Peters, the series has taken on a different tone. To keep up with the times, the series will build on the rise of sentient beings, or AI in film. This story seems to come just in time, with the world still in the early stages of understanding artificial intelligence technology.

Evan Peters has been around for a while and starred in several movies, most notably his role as a speedster in the X-Men movies, but his real recognition comes from television, most notably his multiple collaborations with Ryan Murphy and the critically acclaimed series Mare of Easttown , for which he won an Emmy Award. It would be interesting to see his imminent return to the big screen with the Tron series.

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