Did CBS Lose More Than $20 Million Producing The Late Late Show With James Corden? Here’s everything you need to know

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The Late Late Show With James Corden, the famed CBS talk show, aired its final episode on April 30, Sunday, after a glorious 28-year run. The broadcaster’s decision to pull the plug on The Late Late Show came as a huge shock to its loyal fans. Lately there has been a lot of speculation about the reason behind the cancellation of the show. However, the latest reports from Los Angeles Magazine suggest that The Late Late Show With James Corden went off the air due to declining profitability.

CBS lost more than $20 million producing The Late Late Show

According to the reports published by LA Magazine, CBS suffered a huge loss of more than $20 million last year in the production of The Late Late Show With James Corden. The latest updates suggest that the famous show, hosted by James Corden since 2015, costs $60 million to $65 million a year to produce. But it made less than $45 million, much to the disappointment of its creators. “It just wasn’t sustainable. CBS couldn’t afford him anymore,” an anonymous CBS executive revealed in an interview with Los Angeles Magazine.

James Corden is leaving the show

With the latest reports published by LA Magazine, it’s confirmed that host James Corden’s departure isn’t the only reason behind CBS’ decision to pull the plug on The Late Late Show. For the inexperienced, the celebrated presenter announced his departure from the popular show in April 2022. But at the time, it was still unclear whether the show will continue with a new host.

Even if James Corden had wanted to continue as host, he would have faced a multimillion-dollar pay cut, or strict cuts to his staffers, or both, because of the losses faced by The Late Late Show. According to two secret executives who worked closely with him, this is a major reason why the presenter decided to leave the show and decided to move back to England.

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