Did Francis Raisa Just Throw a Shadow on Selena Gomez and Their Friendship?

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Francis Raisa, who didn’t think twice when gifting her organ to her best friend Selena Gomez, appears to have turned her back on the “Calm Down” singer as she throws some shade at her former boyfriend and kidney recipient Selena Gomez. which begs the question of whether the two are on good terms or not.

Francis Raisa shadows Selena Gomez

The “How I Met Your Father” actor was walking her dogs in Studio City on Sunday when she was questioned about her deteriorating relationship with Selena, but she constantly and not-so-subtly changed the subject.

It was a never-ending dodge fest, as Francia declined to say if she’d be willing to follow the Rare Beauty founder back on social media. She was also asked if she would like to donate organs again, but it seems she is more interested in guiding others through the procedure.

Selena Gomez and Francis friendship history and what led to the split between the two

Selena and Francia were childhood friends who were so close that Francia decided to give her kidney in 2017 after Selena’s failure due to her lupus condition, which was diagnosed.

After that, they were called one pot in the pea, with Selena repeatedly praising Francia for saving her life. That all seemed to change in November, when Selena told an interviewer that Taylor Swift was the only person she felt connected to in Hollywood.

Francia responded “interestingly” and unfollowed Selena, who then defended herself by writing, “Sorry I didn’t mention everyone I know.”

Selena seemed to change her tune in March, stating that she will “never, ever be more in debt to a person than Francia,” but it doesn’t seem like Francia is on the same page as the singer.

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