Did Meghan Markle know the Royal Family before she met Harry, despite them claiming otherwise? Here’s the truth

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A blast from the past is often unwelcome and unprepared. Meghan Markle had revealed that she didn’t know much about the royal family and Prince Harry before meeting him. She admitted that everything she knew about Harry came from what he told her, rather than reading it in the tabloids. After claiming to know very little about the royals, a blog post the Duchess of Sussex wrote in 2014 has surfaced proving otherwise.

Meghan Markle mocks Kate Middleton in a blog

In the interview that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did with the BBC after their engagement, the Suits actress said she knew very little about Harry and his family. She also confessed that everything she had found out about Harry was through him and not the tabloids. Harry agreed that the situation was mutual; he knew nothing about Meghan before their first date. Meghan had an online diary where she wrote about topics like food, fashion, health and travel, along with touching topics like politics and philanthropy. The name of the blog was Tignanello, named after her favorite wine. The Daily Mail recently reported that the article Meghan wrote revolved around “endless conversations” about Kate Middleton’s lavish wedding ceremony. She wrote how girls should grow up to be braver women in real life instead of waiting for their knight in shining armor to arrive.

Meghan’s blog read: “We’re definitely not talking about Cinderella here. Little girls dream of being princesses. For example, I went all about She-Ra, Princess of Power. She continued while referring to the superhero in the Masters of the Universe- franchise: “She-Ra is He-Man’s twin sister and a sword-wielding royal rebel known for her strength.”

The blog made it clear who the subject of the blog was, as Meghan wrote: “Adult women seem to retain this childhood fantasy. Just look at the pomp and circumstance surrounding the royal wedding and the endless conversations about Princess Kate.

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Why did Meghan Markle close the blog?

Speculation arose when Meghan decided to close the blog at the behest of the royal family following her engagement to Harry. A source close to the Duchess of Sussex deemed the rumors untrue and told People the blog was not shut down because of the royal family. Before the blog went offline, Meghan wrote a farewell blog titled “The Tig: Farewell, Darling.” An excerpt from the blog read, “After nearly three wonderful years on this adventure with you, it’s time to say goodbye to The Tig, a community of inspiration, support, fun and frivolity.”

In her latest blog, Markle continued, “Keep finding those Tig moments of discovery, keep smiling and taking risks, and keep ‘the change you want to see in the world’. Above all, never forget your worth – as I have told you time and time again: you, my dear friend, you are enough. Thanks for everything.”

Meanwhile, it is speculated that the blog is making a comeback. Earlier this year, Meghan filed a paper with the US Patent and Trademark Office that could potentially help restart the blog.

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