Did you know Cillian Murphy used THIS to get the Oppenheimer ‘cheekbones’?

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Cillian Murphy’s Oppenheimer was one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, and it has delivered marvelously. The audience has found itself obsessed with every single detail of the Christopher Nolan directorial. From behind-the-scenes happenings to Mutphy’s cheekbones, the fans want to know it all. Especially, about the actor’s harrowing cheekbones that looked more and more hollow as the film went by. Here’s what his groomer had to say.

How did Cillian Murphy get his hollow cheekbones?

If you’re curious about the origins of Murphy’s eerie and enigmatic appearance, the actor’s groomer has now unveiled the bronzer responsible for enhancing the actor’s already distinctive cheekbones. The 47-year-old’s bone structure immediately catches the eye, and this becomes particularly evident in his portrayal of Oppenheimer. Gareth Bromell, the celebrity groomer, while talking to GQ revealed that the key to crafting a more intense and sculpted look for him was done through the use of Tom Ford’s Soleil Glow Bronzer which sells for $70.

While working on the set of Oppenheimer, Bromell says the reason he selected the Ford Bronzer is due to its gentle and moisturizing texture, which gives a perfect sculpted look without seeming overly cakey. This quality is particularly well-suited for both the film’s aesthetic and the historical context. As per the reports, the bronzer’s formula includes a soft-focus blurring agent that contributes to achieving a flawless and imperceptible outcome, making it understandable why the groomer relied on it to subtly enhance the character’s cheekbones.

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The metaphor of Oppenheimer’s cheekbones

One thing you must realize about Christopher Nolan is that there are no accidents in his film, every single detail is included for a reason. Many have wondered if Oppenheimer’s cheekbones throughout the film get more and more haunting, to give the audience an insight into his mental state. As the scientist’s life deteriorates, his face looks more and more lifeless, plagued with the consequences of his actions. In the fast-forward scene where Murphy’s character is getting a medal from the President of the United States, his cheekbones had sunken further giving us a hint of the struggles he’d had to face throughout his life.

Meanwhile, Oppenheimer crossed all expectations at the box office with the film crossing $500 million recently, and it still did not show any signs of stopping, as it’s still bringing in massive audiences to the theaters. 

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