Did you know Solange beat up Jay-Z 9 years ago for cheating on Beyonce? Read

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About nine years ago, global superstar Beyoncé, her husband JAY-Z and others were leaving the 2014 Met Gala after party when Beyonce’s sister Solange and her brother-in-law got into a fight. The video that surfaced online showed Solange yelling at the rapper before violently beating him. Later, a man, who turned out to be a security guard, tried to stop her. Beyoncé also intervened at one point to stop the argument between her husband and sister.

Why did Solange fight Jay Z?

While there are many bizarre reasons for Solange and Jay-Z’s elevator argument, it’s widely believed that Jay-Z’s cheating was the reason the whole thing started.

In Beyonce’s 2016 album “Lemonade”, the singer referenced infidelity, while Jay-Z made a similar allusion in his song “4:44”. JAY-Z admitted to cheating on Beyoncé to whom he tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in 2008. In addition, he acknowledged that instead of telling Solange he was “wrong,” he had “prodded” her before the argument.

Who did Jay Z have an affair with?

Beyonce broke the silence about Jay Z’s cheating scandal in her album, Renaissance. Beyoncé appeared to be addressing both the infamous Solange Knowles elevator incident and the Jay-Z adultery claims. The highly anticipated album of the 40-year-old world icon was launched on July 29, 2022.

In the album, the ‘Love on Top’ singer also seemed to refer to the other women with whom Jay Z would have had relationships. She sings, “I’m one of one, I’m number one, I’m the only one” in Alien Superstar and adds, “Don’t even waste your time trying to compete with me/No one else in this world can think like me/I’m crazy, contradicted and keep him hooked.”

However, she never clarified that her rapper husband was having an affair with her sister Solange; but the 40-year-old references the incident and sings about it in the song “Cozy”. “She’s a god, she’s a hero, she’s survived everything, everything she’s been through, confident and deadly.

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