Disney’s live-action remake of “Lilo & Stitch” has found its main cast

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Kealoha will play Lilo in what will be her first film role. Meanwhile, Agudong is also a relatively fresh face. The Nani actor was previously seen in episodes of “On My Block” and “NCIS”. Other cast members include Zach Galifianakis (who The Wrap confirmed will be the voice of alien Pleakley), “No Time to Die” actor Billy Magnussen in a mystery role, newcomer Kahiau Machado as Nani’s love interest, David Kawena and Emmy- winner Courtney. B. Vance will star as Cobra Bubbles per Deadline.

As for the role of Stitch, the character was originally voiced by the director of the animated film, Chris Sanders. While there are rumors that he will return to voice the cute alien again, the news has not yet been confirmed. In an interview with Syfy in 2022, Sanders revealed that he would be back if Disney calls him.

“It’s such a rush to do it,” he said of voicing Stitch. “I’m lucky enough to be able to maintain a bond with him, which is very important. He’s a creature I invented… [To say] he is very personal to me is an understatement. He is me and I am him. His personality is my personality. I built it like that. His chaotic neutral personality is mine. He is very near and dear to me and always will be. I would do his voice like that, absolutely.”

Sanders isn’t the only “Lilo & Stitch” OG name used for the live-action movie. Jason Scott Lee, known for his role as the voice of David, mentioned on the “Kyle Meredith With…” podcast on June 26 that he’ll have a special cameo in the upcoming movie — and the role is a bit of a full-on. circle moment for him. “I have a little, little [part]Scott said. “They threw me some bones and I said, ‘Yeah, absolutely! In any capacity. I just wanted to be part of it. . . I play the Luau manager. I get to see the boy who plays my character I voiced, David. And I’ll see Lilo and I’ll see Nani, the new people, the actors who play them. So it’s going to be fun.”

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