Does Meghan Markle want to be the next Oprah Winfrey? Expert Reveals

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Meghan Markle has made headlines again. And this time it’s for her comparison to Oprah Winfrey, a close friend of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Experts suggest that Meghan Markle has her eyes set on becoming the next Oprah Winfrey one day. The former Suits actor recently signed with major talent agency WME and her career move has sparked speculation. Royal pundit says Meghan could become a “power player” as she already has a “significant viewership in her corner”.

Is Meghan Markle making a Hollywood comeback?

Ever since Meghan signed with WME, the talent agency that is home to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Rihanna and Matt Damon, fans have been wondering what her next career move will be. Royal pundit Cristopher Andersen, the author of the book “The King,” has revealed that he wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan starts hosting a syndicated daytime talk show. In an interview with Fox, Andersen said, “If Meghan doesn’t end up hosting a syndicated talk show, I’ll be surprised. She certainly seems suited for that role in particular, and I can easily see her following a career path similar to Oprah in the media: a show, a magazine, producing, directing – the works.

Meghan has odds in her favor, as the author noted that she “still has a significant portion of the viewership in her corner.” The news that Meghan is signing with the agency comes after she and Prince Harry have been spotted in Hollywood more often in recent months.

Variety revealed that Meghan and her team look forward to more TV and movie production appearances and brand partnerships “overall business building” as “acting won’t be a focus area”. They also reported that other agencies have been competing to sign the Duchess and Harry since moving to California. WME now also represents the content label of Archewell, Meghan and Harry.

Meghan’s WME team will include Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel, plus Brad Slater and Jill Smoller, who is known for managing Meghan’s girlfriend Serena Williams.

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Expert says Meghan will be the next Oprah

Andersen said Meghan “gets what she wants.” The author predicted: “Once all the controversy surrounding the Sussexes’ ongoing feud with the rest of the Royal Family has subsided, assuming it ever does, I could easily see her launch a successful talk show.”

He continued, “Meghan has always had her fingers in a lot of pies and she has a knack for getting what she wants. Millions of girls dream of becoming a princess, but she made it happen – and against all odds, to boot! Becoming the next Oprah – a powerful and influential media mogul – doesn’t feel far-fetched at all.”

For the inexperienced, Markle could be seen in the docuseries surrounding Prince Harry and her and their departure from their role as senior royals. She even hosted the Archetypes podcast.

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