Does Princess Diana control the weather before King Charles III’s coronation? Viral tweet suggests yes

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A weather report on a Twitter account predicted rain at the coronation of King Charles III, which could dampen the festivities. A follow-up tweet quickly lifted people’s spirits, focusing on the state of mind. As the tweet suggested that Princess Diana was somehow involved in controlling the naturally occurring weather. This tweet was retweeted thousands of times after it was posted on May 2. King Charles III was married to Diana, Princess of Wales, before his marriage to Camilla, Queen Consort.

Rain on the coronation day of King Charles III

Preparations for the coronation of King Charles III are in full swing; the ceremony will take place at Westminster Abby on Saturday, May 6. Around 2,000 guests will fill the 1,000-year-old Westminster Abby for the coronation ceremony. Weather reports suggest that there is a high chance of rain and storms during the coronation weekend. A response tweet to LBC’s tweet reporting the weather status has gone viral. When LBC took to Twitter to report “Disappointment for royal fans as rain and storms forecast for coronation weekend,” one user responded with a photo of Diana.

The photo was taken from the 1995 Martin Bashir interview on the BBC. In the interview, Princess Diana revealed that her husband Charles was having an affair with Camila Parker Bowles, and she knew about it. The tweet suggested that Diana was somehow involved and controlling the weather, or that she was happy to hear it.

Since the tweet was created, it has been retweeted more than 15,500 times and has 122,000 likes. Twitter users love the humorous tweet suggesting the weather was a result of Charles’ ex-wife Diana’s supernatural involvement.

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Twitter responds

Twitter users seem extremely amused by the tweet and its innuendos. One user tweeted, “The thought of Diana opening heaven at coronation makes me giddy.”

Another tweeted, “I love that Diana will be raining on their parade!” A third took the weather forecast with a glass-half-full approach and responded, “Rain = less crowds = I get a better viewing spot.” Another user was rather unfazed by the weather report given the weather in the UK. The user wrote: “It rains every day there, that’s not a big surprise.”

King Charles III and Princess Diana were married from 1981 to 1996. The Princess of Wales died on August 31, 1997. The ex-couple has two children and sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

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