Dwayne Johnson experienced several episodes of depression; The Black Adam gets candid on podcast

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“Just because you’re strong on the outside doesn’t mean you can’t break from the inside.” Dwayne Johnson, who is known as “The Rock,” recently spoke about his experiences with depression that he has dealt with throughout his life, dating back to his college days.

The Black Adam actor said on The Pivot podcast that he first struggled with depression when he was a student at the University of Miami, where he injured his shoulder and was unable to play on the football team.

‘The Rock’ went into great detail about his battle with depression.

“I didn’t want to go to school,” he confessed. “I was ready to leave. I dropped out of school. I didn’t do midterms and just left. But the funny thing is, at the time I had no idea what it was. I had no idea what mental health was. I had no idea what depression was. I just knew I didn’t want to be there, that I wasn’t going to team meetings, that I wasn’t doing anything.”

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The Moana voice actor added that he was unable to train due to his injury, which made his situation as an athlete much more difficult.

“I had no idea what it was,” he added. “A few years later, around 2017, I kind of went through.” I knew what it was then, and luckily I had some friends that I could rely on and said, ‘You know, I’m feeling a little shaky today. There’s a little battle going on. “I see gray rather than blue.”

During his bouts of desperation, the actor described his three kids and “being a girl dad” as his “saving grace.” everything about.”

Johnson also stated that he tries to be thankful in his life and look for the beautiful things that have helped him overcome his mental health issues.

The Red Notice star spoke about his depression and how he’s created emotional coping mechanisms to help him deal with it over the years in an Instagram post published alongside the podcast episode, highlighting that he’s been feeling well for a long time. was unaware of the existence of mental health problems. .

“As men, we didn’t talk about it. We just kept our heads down and got the job done.” It wasn’t healthy, but it was all we knew,” he wrote. “If your version of mental well-being deteriorates to mental hell, the most important thing you can do is talk to someone.” anything if you keep the fear inside. superpower is having the guts to talk to someone. Two of my friends killed themselves. Talk to someone. No matter how you feel, you’re never alone.”

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