Edie Falco chose to be a single mom because she was “clearer about wanting kids” than a partner

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Falco first became a mother when she adopted her son Anderson in 2005, according to Us Weekly. The star opened up about her adoption journey when she appeared on “Anderson” in April 2012. “I just knew it was time to raise kids at some point,” she said. “At the time I was single and the idea of ​​adopting came to mind.”

Ever since her children were young, Falco has always been transparent with them about their adoptions. “Early on, the word adoption was part of my home,” she said. “I don’t know if they know that not all of their friends are adopted. Maybe they think it’s how everyone comes into a family.’

In that same interview, Falco recounted one time her son asked questions about where babies come from. “My son says, ‘So then the lady has the baby in her belly, and then me [say]”And when the baby comes out, she gives the baby to the mama,” she said. “The fact that some ladies keep the babies to themselves, we’ll get to that.”

Falco again spoke briefly about her son in an April 2018 interview with “Live With Kelly and Ryan”, revealing that Anderson was 13 years old and that he was at the stage where he had grown distant from his mother. “He just says ‘Hi mom’ and then he goes to his room. That’s our interaction,” she said, before joking, “It means I’m apparently doing something right that he now hates me.”

In February 2020, she reappeared on the show and revealed that Anderson was having a growth spurt. “Anderson is taller than me. It’s really rough,” she said. “I walk down the street and see a little blond boy and I burst into tears. Those little, little kids are just gone.”

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