Emotional Supportive Healthy Dog Memes That Will Get You Through the Week (May 3, 2023)

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Getting through the workweek can sometimes be the most challenging task in life. Sure, you have bills to pay (so that’s pretty motivating), but as you’re about to walk through the door and head out on your commute, your dog is staring at you from the front door. The sadness and the hopeful looks at their belt break your heart. As you watch them wander back to their bed, they feel distinctly defeated that you’ve decided not to spend all day with them, playing with squeaky toys and curled up on the couch – again. You know what, Fido, I’m calling in sick today.

The only thing that got you through the work week anyway was the promise to come home to your cuddly pooch, so why not give them the big day they deserve? For more wholesome doggo memes, check out last week’s series of heartwarming, wagging doggos that lick your face and give you unconditional love.

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