Enhance your listening experience with $34 open-ear headphones

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TL;DR: Get the Open Ear Induction Stereo Wireless Headphones starting May 4(opens in a new tab) for just $33.99 – that’s 69% off the regular price of $109.95.

Jamming to your favorite albums during workouts is even better with high-quality headphones. Open-ear induction headphones deliver high-quality sound while still keeping you aware of your surroundings(opens in a new tab). Grab a pair for your next trip to the gym or jog around town for just $33.99 (reg. $109.95).

High quality, comfortable, durable

Open-ear induction headphones(opens in a new tab) rest over your ears, instead of in them like traditional earplugs. Sound is transmitted by vibrations of the bones in your head and jaw to carry the sound directly to your inner ear. This can provide better sound quality while keeping you alert.

Charge them with the included cable and enjoy up to six hours of use. They connect to any Bluetooth enabled device such as your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Stream your playlists and answer calls on the go(opens in a new tab) with the built-in microphone.

Soft plastic material and a lightweight design make them comfortable to wear for just about any workout. Rock out to the music on the treadmill without disturbing others around you or enjoy it while jogging in the open air.

The open ear design allows you to be alert to the area around you, such as traffic or others on a hiking trail. Wear them even in the rain or during sweat-inducing workouts as they are rated IPX 6 water resistance(opens in a new tab).

Enhance your listening experience

Bone conduction headphones can be great for those who tend to listen too loud to their earbuds. Repeated listening at high volumes can cause hearing damage or loss(opens in a new tab). These headphones can help you avoid this by delivering high-quality sound at a healthy volume.

Upgrade your next training session with a pair of high-quality, comfortable headphones. They may even become your new favorite part of your fitness routine.

Check out these open-ear induction stereo wireless headphones(opens in a new tab) for only $33.99 (normally $109.95).

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