Et Tu, Darlene? Roseanne Barr says Sara Gilbert canceled on her, tried to force her to commit suicide

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“It was her tweet that canceled the show,” Barr claimed. “I was just floored. And you know, but in the end she owns my work,” she said The Conners, ABC’s response to Barr’s repeated public volatility with the rest of the Conner clan continuing in a universe where Roseanne, not Dan, faces an uneasy and untimely demise. “They just tried to kill me, and I felt like they killed my character and my character character.”

Barr took the allegations a step further, claiming that Gilbert and ABC executives were trying to do just that literal kill her and say, “I thought they were sending a message over the air because they knew I had mental health problems. I thought they wanted me to kill myself.” Barr said this isn’t just her own paranoia talking, claiming, “All my friends (thought so too). They said, ‘They’re trying to force you to commit suicide.’”

Here in reality, Gilbert’s decision to distance himself from her co-star’s hateful comments was one of hundreds of thousands of tweets criticizing Barr for her nonsense in 2018. You might think that Barr’s history of platforming far-right conspiracy theories didn’t either . It didn’t help her when ABC decided the star of their most popular show was too toxic to stay on set, but nope, Gilbert’s tweets saying Barr’s comments don’t represent the whole group’s opinion Roseanne cast and crew were career killers and literal death threats.

Despite her decision to pin her on anyone who not Calling a black woman a Muslim monkey, Barr claimed responsibility has never been an issue for her, explaining, “I never thought, ‘Hey, it’s not you.’ You’re not the problem, you’ve never been the problem.’ I always tend to blame myself.”

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