EXCLUSIVE: Reema Kagti on Made In Heaven 2’s return after four years; Says ‘I never felt that disconnection’

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Made in Heaven Season 2, one of the most-anticipated Prime Video shows is back after four years of wait. The show was released on August 9 prior to the scheduled time of August 10 at midnight. The events of Made in Heaven Season 2 started off soon after the explosive Season 1 finale. Karan (Arjun Mathur) and Tara (Sobhita Dhulipala) are now flatmates. Jauhari (Vijay Raaz) has acquired a majority stake in a wedding planning firm after  Adil’s (Jim Sarbh) split from Tara, and Faiza (Kalki Koechlin) is getting closer to Adil. Each episode of the show deals with the challenges of existing taboos. Different themes like skin color, sexuality, extramarital affairs, domestic abuse, drug abuse, opportunism, and many more are carefully touched upon. The show is brilliantly mounted and there is absolutely nothing to complain about in terms of costumes and set design.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, film director Reema Kagti, actors Arjun Mathur, Jim Sarbh, and Shashank Arora opened up on the show returning after four years and if they felt the disconnection in this gap. 

During the exclusive interaction with Pinkvilla, the film director Reema Kagti was asked if she felt the disconnection as a filmmaker as Made In heaven 2 returned after a long gap of four years. Reacting to it, she said, “I never felt that because on a daily basis like I’ve said this before whether I’m at an airport or buying vegetables somebody would come and be like ‘excuse me when is MIH2.’ Whatever you post there’s always a MIH2 question such as ‘When is that coming so we’re very aware of that fact it has got a very loyal fan following that actually has been trolling us for the last four years (laughs). But yeah we’ve worked very hard and tried to up the game and that apart from Covid was why it took so long.” 

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On the other hand, Arjun Mathur, Shashank Arora, and Jim Sarbh also were asked how they felt to return to the same characters after four years and whether it was difficult to get that pulse again or not. 

Shashank shared, “It’s to do with the writing as well and also how you approach it for the first time. The writing is from the same family of a world that you know from the previous world so that helps you as an actor. It’s a group effort. 

Jim said, “It’s like the groove is kind of etched into you somewhere so you just have to find it, and then you can flow along it again and the writing does most of the work and then it’s the same team so you already have a rapport and they know kind of what you’re going to do. I didn’t think it was difficult getting back into it at all actually. You start rehearsing and you are like ‘Yep that’s it, this is the guy again.’ 

Reacting to the same, Arjun shared, “Mind mein think it forgot because it may have been a while or whatever but for me usually it’s like as soon as you are given the first shot it’s like ‘Oh there it is,’ you know the muscle memory and everything it’s just there it’s like cycling as Reema said.” 

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