Federal agents intercept 500 kilograms of life-saving drugs at the US border

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PORT HURON, MI — Federal officials seized the medicinal drugs at a border checkpoint and confirmed Thursday that they had intercepted 500 pounds of life-saving medication at the US border. “Thanks to the courageous work of our agents on the ground, we seized millions of doses of these vital treatments before they could reach the very sick,” said U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Rick Salazar. The agency had intercepted the shipment just in time to prevent the drugs from reaching innocent Americans and enabling them to live lives free of pain and discomfort. “If we hadn’t been able to find these pills before they hit the market, I shudder to think of the diseases that could have been cured, the cases of diabetes that could have been controlled and the mental disorders that could have been treated. treated. Mark my words, no one will survive our watch.” As it went to press, the agents reportedly burned the drug to prevent it from getting into the hands of those who needed it most.

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