General Hospital Spoilers 3 August 2023: Why did Curtis have an emotional breakdown in front of Stella?

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Fans of popular soap opera General Hospital can expect emotional breakdowns, open conversations, and lots of drama from the upcoming episodes of the long-running ABC series. Keep reading to find out the spoilers and highlights for the August 3, 2023, episode of General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

Curtis, played by Donnell Turner, has been unable to accept how the Metro Court pool shooting changed his life so drastically. Even though he tries to remain strong around his wife Portia, played by Brook Kerr, the thought of not being able to walk again is unbearable for him. He even tried to tell her to move on in life because he didn’t want to become a crutch for her, Portia refused to listen to him and reiterated that he’ll come back home with her.

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When Stella, played by Vernee Watson, pays Curtis a visit at the hospital, Curtis breaks down and tells her everything he is going through because of his lower paralysis. His aunt has always been blunt with him and so he pours his heart out honestly so Stella can give him the advice he needs. Will she be able to help Curtis get through this low phase of his life? Meanwhile, Trina, played by Tabyana Ali, opens up to Dex, played by Evan Hofer.

Even though they mostly have a conversation when her best friend Josslyn is around, Trina hasn’t been able to talk about her problems with her as easily as she could before. And so she attempts to have a conversation with Josslyn’s boyfriend since Dex seems willing to listen. Trina has been emotionally low because of what has happened to her father Curtis and she needs to let it out. Josslyn is busy chastising Spencer, played by Nicholas Alexander Chavez.

What about Spencer triggered Josslyn this time around? Will she share it with his girlfriend Trina? Or is their friendship drifting apart? Cody, played by Josh Kelly, told Dante about his problems regarding Selina Wu, played by Lydia Look, now he can easily focus on helping Sasha, played by Sofia Mattsson. How exactly will he prove that Gladys, played by Bonnie Burroughs, led to her latest breakdown? Will he realize Sasha’s doctor has been conspiring?

Considering everything Gladys has done to keep Sasha in her clutches due to her greed for money, Cody has been adamant about finding a way to expose the former. How will he get the proof necessary to free Sasha from Gladys? General Hospital airs on ABC on weekdays.

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