Hank William Jr. recalls time he survived a deadly fall; fans call it a miracle

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It has been 48 years since the news of country music star Hank William Jr. suffering a 530 ft. fall broke out. That was the time without the internet, and the world was praying for his return nonetheless. After 17 rescue missions and five hours worth of struggle, the singer was finally brought up from the pit and taken to the hospital. Since then, even Hank William continues to say that he was ‘born again.’ August 8th marked the 48-anniversary of the singer’s survival from the fall at Ajax Peak. Here’s how he remembers the entire incident after so many years.

Willaim Hanks Jr. recalls his fall from 50 years ago

This week marked the 48th anniversary of Willaim Hanks Jr’s survival of the Ajax Peak fall. On August 8th, this week, the country singer took to his Instagram to share a picture of the fall and recall the horrific incident. “48 years ago today 530 feet and 17 operations later this picture says it all. I am a very blessed and thankful man. HWJR,” the musician wrote, recalling the entire incident.

What happened to Willaim Hanks Jr.?

On August 8, 1975, Williams, his son, and one of his close friends went mountain climbing. As a country boy, this was one of his favorite chores. The three were to climb the highest peak of the Ajax mountain. But little did he know that he was walking into the most dangerous times of his life. With the unfavoring weather, the snow sheet was still covering the mountain surface. As a result of his, one of the sheets below his feet slides away, taking him along.

The fall was 530 feet and William had faced some of the worst brain and head injuries at the time. IT took the teams more than 5 hours to rescue him. Even after that, the medics were in a lack of hope that he would survive after such injuries. His head had been crushed, leaving his brain exposed in the open. Moreover, he had also lost a lot of blood from his body. 

“The blood was coming out and I grabbed my face and there wasn’t any face there, hardly,” Hank described the incident. “ I could put my fingers into my forehead,” he said, commenting about the injuries that he found after he fell all the way down.

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