Heart of Stone ending explained: Who ends up dead in the Gal Gadot starrer spy action thriller film? Find out

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Gal Gadot may be known as Wonder Woman but she has starred in several other films and is looking forward to starring as the Evil Queen in Disney’s upcoming Snow White live-action adaptation. On the other hand, one of her films just release and it’s a spy action thriller co-starring Jamie Dornan. Heart of Stone was released on August 11, 2023, on Netflix. Gadot portrays Agent Rachel Stone in the film and here’s what the movie’s ending means.

Heart of Stone ending explained: Who died in Gal Gadot’s thriller?

*Spoiler alert, you’ve been warned* Rachel Stone is an international intelligence agent, and so is Parker, played by Jamie Dornan. Both of them are shown to be working for MI6 but it is later revealed that it is far from the truth. Rachel actually works for The Charter, a peace-keeping organization that controls wars and takes down governments that threaten the good in the world. On the other hand, Parker is a double agent who hates The Charter.

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His main goal in life is to take the organization down and kill everyone involved in it. The Charter uses an artificial intelligence aka AI called The Heart to make decisions. It is quite literally the heart of the movie and most of the power struggle and action revolves around it. Rachel Stone’s mission is to protect it and keep it safe from enemies. But Parker manages to get the coveted device and uses its powers to take out various members of The Charter.

He turns off the ventilation in the organization’s underground bunker and proceeds with his plans. This makes him Rachel’s direct enemy and the two begin fighting to get their hands on The Heart. Rachel ends up shooting Parker and he dies. She manages to save The Charter members and her colleagues from dying from suffocation. Rachel then puts The Heart where it belonged, with The Charter. This is not where the action-packed film ends up though.

Is Heart of Stone setting up for a sequel film?

Rachel delivers a doll house to the daughter of a fellow colleague who died and then meets Keya, an agent who was working with Parker to bring The Charter down. She changed sides toward the end of the film which is why Rachel approaches her. She tells Keya that she can keep working for The Charter but kept two conditions for it. She explained that The Heart is a tool to use, not to follow blindly. Secondly, she asked Keya to join her team.

Keya agrees to the conditions and the film ends with Rachel, Keya, and the Jack of Hearts making a new The Charter team and working on a mission together. This sets up a potential sequel without being a cliffhanger ending. Netflix will assess the viewership and success to decide if the film will get a sequel or not. If it does, there’s a storyline waiting to explore.

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