Hell’s Paradise: What Can You Expect From Episode 6? Release date, time, plot and more

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Prepare yourself for a treat, because Hell’s Paradise will release its sixth installment soon. Fans of the beloved show have been eagerly awaiting the upcoming episode and have to say, the wait is finally over. Hell’s Paradise is expected to be released in May. Inspired by Yuji Kaku’s dark fantasy based Japanese manga, the upcoming series has already caught the interest of fans around the world. After the thrilling ending of Episode 5 of Hell’s Paradise, fans are eager to see what Episode 6 has in store for them.

When is Hell’s Paradise Episode 6 coming out?

Hell’s Paradise Episode 6 is scheduled for release on May 6, 2023 at 11:00 PM in Japan. It will also be available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hikari TV in Japan.

Hell's Paradise (Credit: YouTube)

Where can you watch Hell’s Paradise?

Hell’s Paradise can be viewed online at Crunchyroll

What can you expect from Hell’s Paradise Episode 6?

The latest episode of Hell’s Paradise has covered no fewer than three chapters from Yuji Kaku’s Japanese manga. The next episode will pick up from there. In Episode 6 of Hell’s Paradise, Gabimaru and Sagiri will team up against the mighty monster Rokurota in a dramatic and action-packed battle. To defeat their formidable enemy, the duo will have to rely on their brains, skills and mutual support. Fans can also get a glimpse into Rokurota’s background in the future installment, which provides insight into the tragic circumstances that led to him becoming the ferocious fighter he is today.

Hell's Paradise (Credit: YouTube)

What happened in Episode 5 of Hell’s Paradise?

In the fifth season of Hell’s Paradise, Sagiri awoke from a coma caused by Shinsekyo’s poisonous butterflies. Instead of going straight back to work, the rest of the group was relaxing. Gabimaru wanted to wait for Sagiri to fully recover, showing his kind and sweet side. Gabimaru and his companions discussed Shinsenkyo’s monsters and the elixir of life in Hell’s Paradise Season 1 Episode 5.

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