Honest Trailers | The Little Mermaid (2023)

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Before you see the planned live-action remakes of Snow White, Moana, Lilo & Stitch, The Sword in the Stone, The Aristocats, Robin Hood, and Hunchback, experience the half-baked Oscar-bait songs of The Little Mermaid. Journey under the sea and meet Ariel, whose casting made a splash with the mermaid pigment police. She’s a restless sea-bound soul who voluntarily loses her voice, body, and family for a shot at a privileged hoarder who’s about to fail upward into oceanic royalty.

Yes, check out this week’s Honest Trailer, featuring a young star with an angelic voice surrounded by a seafood tower’s worth of sleep paralysis demons. With visuals are pulled from the uncanny trenches, The Little Mermaid is the latest Disney classic to be transformed into trite… er, trout. 

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